Currently, aside from being part of SPARC, at ICS I coordinate a small team (SPIDER – Social Psychology Intergroup DEcisions Research) which includes my PhD student Ana Filipa Madeira, my Masters student Gonçalo Freitas, my research assistant Mafalda Mascarenhas, and a part time Postdoctoral Researcher Mariana Miranda.


Full list of former and current supervisees


PhD students


Ana Filipa Madeira, “The legitimation of discrimination against immigrants in the healthcare context” (ongoing); PhD in Migrations (ICS-ULisboa)

Catarina Carvalho, “Inequality legitimating beliefs and collective action tendencies” (ongoing); PhD in Psychology, FPCE – UPorto (co-advisor with Dr. Isabel Pinto)


Masters students


Gonçalo Freitas, “Meritocracy and legal decisions towards low status group members” (ongoing); FP-UL

Sara Catarino, “Intergroup Time Bias and ageism” (completed); FL-UL

Wilson Moreira, “Meritocracy and socially critical decisions” (completed); FP-UL

Catarina Peixoto Maia, “Power Distance and organizational Engagement” (completed); FCH – UCP