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Working on the shooter bias research

Posted By on Abr 12, 2018

As you can read here, currently, my main research project deals with the role of meritocracy on socially critical decisions towards low status group members. Specifically, me and my team are studying medical decisions, shooting decisions, legal decisions and decisions within moral dilemmas and how the salience of a descriptive meritocratic norm or ideology may facilitate the emergence of more negative decisions towards members of low status groups. Regarding the shooting decisions, Josh Correll and his colleagues at the University of Colorado at Boulder developed research showing that individuals decide to shoot quicker and more frequently towards black targets compared with white targets in the same conditions. Right now, I am in Boulder, Colorado in order to work on a new version of the shooter bias task more adapted to the Portuguese context. While this task is not ready, you can try the original task here and find out whether you also express a shooter bias in your shooting decisions.

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